HRS Digital Classes Are Available!

Looking to learn a little more about your favorite furry friend? Want to know more about what goes into creating a bunny bond? Have a burning rabbit question? We have got you covered! Check out our free digital classes that are open to the public. Whether you are looking to adopt or if you just need a little support HRS has the class for you.

Rabbit Care 101

Rabbit Care 101 covers all your bunny basics. From what the ideal diet is to healthy housing we have you covered. This class is mandatory for anyone looking to adopt a single bunny from HRS. It is also a great class for those interesting in learning more about this often misunderstood pet!

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Bunny Bonding 101

In Bunny Bonding 101 the adoption counselor will cover all the basics to help you start your bunny bonding journey. This class is mandatory for anyone looking to find their rabbit a friend through HRS. Topics include: what to expect, how to set up the dating space, how to set up the living space, how to conduct dates, and signs to look for. By the end of the class, you will have a game plan ready for when you bring home the new love bun!

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Bunny Bonding Support

Bunny Bonding Support is a one-on-one supervised Zoom date perfect for those needing extra support on the bonding journey. During the supervised date, the counselor can offer specific advice, identify triggers in the environment and offer solutions. This support is for those who have already completed the Bunny Bonding 101.

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Special Events

Join us for digital Special Events from the comfort of your home.

Bunny-centric Bonding with Hoolibuns

Looking for a bonding technique that feels more like a “bunnymoon” than a terrible tornado of fluff? Join us for a Bunny Bonding class that utilizes positive reinforcement and stress-free techniques. Topics covered include setup, date conducting, and a Q&A. This is a digital event held via Zoom. Visit the Hoolibuns website to sign up!